iMars M Series
Single Phase Grid-tied Solar Inverters


iMars B Series
Three Phase Grid-tied Solar Inverters


MG single phase series is new generation of PV string inverter which is developed by INVT for residential users.MG series has the advantages of compact size, light weight, easy installation and maintenance, and most of all, costefficient.

iMars B Three-phase grid-tied solar inverters adopt outdoor fanless design with multiple communication modes available,providing flexible system configuration and monitoring solutions for Commercial and Industrial systems.


  • The core technology from Germany
  • Software optimization for the power
    grid with much wider adaptability
  • Global integrated monitoring and
    management, supporting all kinds
    of portable mobile devices, HMI is
  • Minimum working voltage is 50V.
  • Wide voltage range, low starting
    voltage , higher conversion efficiency.
  • Designed with latest thermal
    simulation technology for longer
    service life.

HMI Features

  • Small and exquisite appearance .
  • LCD display and easy to operate
    keyboard with multiple functions
  • Pluggable design perfectly cleared
    the potential troubles that change
    the inner setting by Non-users
    and makes users feel safe to the
  • Dual MPPTs work independently and
    allow unbalance input power. One
    string maximum input is up to 60% of
    Max.DC power.
  • High efficiency and stable
    performance at entire input voltage
    and output power range.
  • Max. efficiency is up to 97.6%.
  • Wide input voltage range gives more
    possibilities for accepting different
    string configuration and different type
    of PV modules.
  • 5V 100mA auxiliary DC power
    interface is optional for system
  • AC output power is adjustable during
  • Reactive power control with
    power factor adjustment from 0.9
    overexcited to 0.9 underexcited.
  • RS485, Ethernet, WIFI
    communication modes are optional
    for realizing multiple monitoring
    solutions via PC, mobile phones,
    internet etc. platforms.

Our Trusted Partner


Advance MICRO CONTROLLER based SOLAR UPS / INVERTER products have been carefully designed to operate in both industrial and commercial environments. In commercial applications, our ups / inverter products fit according to aesthetically into the environment and perform reliably for years.

  • Built-in MPPT / PWM Solar Charge Controller.
  • Micro Controller / DSP Based smart controller design.
  • Pure Sine Wave Output.
  • Electronic Overload and Short Circuit Protection.
  • Easily Serviceable.
  • Auto Changeover / Reset Feature.
  • Mains Input Voltage Range Selection.
  • Multi Stage Charging.
  • Audio Visual Indications (Status & Fault).

Solar Home lighting Solutions is designed in such a way that for all smaller need you don’t have to depend on electricity. Very simple way and effective plug and play models with modes ranging from 100 watt , 200 watt and 300 watt customers can choose from smaller load to Load including a TV or Fridge.



  • Compact Design
  • Pure sine wave inverter
  • 22VDC direct Input
  • 18Amp Short Circuit Current
  • LED Indications.
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